hourglass figure


hourglass figureThe answer to this question requires some knowledge. An hourglass, used to measure time is broad at the top, very narrow in the middle, and then equally broad in the bottom. Female body types have been classified according to many different styles and definitions. The phrase hourglass figure describes an ideal female form.

The underlying bony structure or skeletal and muscle composition will determine the overall size and shape of the female. The upper dimension around the bust also takes into consideration the rib cage, muscle mass and breast size. The waist measurement at the bellybutton level is the controlling factor. The measurement around the hips will be the third measurement component in determining an hourglass figure.

Hourglass Figure

Only 8% of females on this earth have the so-called hourglass figure. It is desirable because culturally and with respect to fashion it is the definition of the most attractive female form. Throughout civilization art and sculpture reflect this fact.

We can enhance the upper measurement by a breast lift. This will redistribute and create fuller breasts. Therefore, it increases the chest measurement. We can have an abdominoplasty plus liposuction to further narrow the waist. However, this has limitations. We can do fat transfer to the hips and lateral thighs. This can then augment the lower measurement of the hourglass figure concept. Therefore, the answer to the question is possibly. Depending upon the underlying skeletal structure and the patient’s willingness to address each of the three measurements in an hourglass figure.

Some women have gone so far as to have ribs removed to narrow the waist. This is to further enhance the possibility of achieving an hourglass figure. Personally, I think this is a little extreme. And, we should as responsible adults focus on what is rational and reasonable. The first step is to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Also, focus on minimizing our body fat. Do this before we analyze what measures we can take to achieve our ideal figure. Body contouring procedures are available. These should be sought once we have a good handle on our overall health and well-being.

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