BUTTOCK AUGMENTATIONThere’s no question that throughout the world an attractive behind gets increasingly more and more popular. The buttocks are always a point of great interest.  Even throughout the history of mankind. The butt serves many other purposes other than to sit on. No doubt an attractive butt can be an asset. No pun intended! Buttock augmentation takes two general forms. Read on to learn more.

Buttock Augmentation – Fat Transfer

The first type is by fat transfer. This is the transfer of fat from one part of the body. The fat is run through a filter. This is so all the fat cells can separate from the fluid. And, possibly add certain substances that may maximize the longevity of the fat cells. Then, the fat is injected into the buttocks. This is the basic procedure.
This buttock augmentation procedure is done under general anesthesia. This is for the safest most comfortable outcome. It requires certain strategic incisions to harvest or suction the fat from areas where it may be somewhat excessive and possibly undesirable. This is all done under sterile conditions. When the fat is prepared properly it is then injected into the buttock area. This will augment or enlarge and contour the buttocks. The procedure has certain complications. The most serious of which is death. Approximately one person in 4000 patients dies annually worldwide. Fat clots or globules can end up in the lungs and lead to death.

Buttock Augmentation – Gluteal Implants

An alternative is gluteal implants. These are silicone gel, semi-hard oval, or round. Furthermore, sometimes they are custom-made. They may be made to fill any specific area the patient desires. This operation is also done under general anesthesia. It can also have some similar complications such as infection and bleeding. There is no fat harvesting unless the patient desires additional contouring with fat injection in combination with the implant. The post-op course for both may be somewhat challenging.
Sitting and sleeping on your back may not be in the patient’s best interest post-op. This will be the case for several days to weeks. Furthermore, gluteal implants have the advantage of being more reliable. And, are a dependable permanent buttock. Volume increases. Whereas fat transfer may require additional procedures in order to achieve the final best result. This is because some of the fat may reabsorb into the body. And, therefore decrease the volume of the transfer.
Both may be done expeditiously. Especially for a patient with motivation. Furthermore, a patient who understands the risks and benefits. Without a doubt, a buttock to be proud of may enhance one’s time on earth.
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