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rhinoplasty techniquesSometimes you just can’t say enough about certain topics. Rhinoplasty is one of those topics. Our noses are our most immediate and definitive statement of ourselves. We lead with our noses. The majority of human beings and particularly Americans are really NOT upset by our noses. Therefore we spend very little time thinking about it. And, much less time and money doing anything about it.

However, there are those, including myself, who devote a significant portion of their life to noses. To improve the appearance and function of patients’ noses. My goal is to create using atomic and functional knowledge. My goal is to restructure God’s given creation to a more aesthetically pleasing and better functioning entity.

Balloon Rhinoplasty Techniques

Balloon rhinoplasty is not a rhinoplasty. It is the use and incorporation of special surgical tools to improve the sinus cavities of the nose. This is strictly a functional procedure. It is a treatment that has no bearing on the appearance of one’s nose.

Noninvasive/Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Noninvasive/non-surgical rhinoplasty is a misnomer. It is in no way a rhinoplasty. The word itself means to restructure and to reshape. A noninvasive technique utilizes fillers or injections to alter some aspects of the nose. More specifically injections at the root of the nose. Or, where the nose meets the forehead. It may temporarily fill in a low spot. And, therefore camouflage the hump. It has minor value again temporarily to fill in indentations or low spots on the nose.

The majority of my patients would be profoundly upset if I were to use only filler techniques to alter the appearance of their noses. A real rhinoplasty restructures the bone, the cartilage, and in some instances the underlying soft tissue. Therefore, as to realign structures and create the most elegant looking nose on a woman and the most masculine looking nose on a man. Simultaneously we evaluate internal structures that affect the movement of air through the nasal passages. Therefore, if these internal structures need improvement we as surgeons can readjust them to facilitate a better flow of air.

Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty Techniques

The tip of the nose is the first area of the face seen by another human. The tip is the tell or the single most significant introduction to the rest of the aesthetic appearance of the nose. Furthermore, I adjust, realign, and readjust tip anatomy first during my rhinoplasty procedure and then adjust all the remaining components to fit that new most elegant tip.

All of my rhinoplasty’s primary or revision are done through the closed technique. Or the internal incisions rhinoplasty technique. This is a much more beneficial technique. It requires the greatest degree of knowledge, experience, skill, and training. I am opposed under most instances to performing rhinoplasty through the open technique.

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