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The Breast in Western culture contributes more than function. Although preferences with respect to size vary from region to region within the country in the world there are several aspects that seem to be universally beneficial and attractive. Many studies have been carried out over the years and surveys to determine what constitutes an attractive bust. More correctly what pair of breasts are considered more attractive than others.


The most flexible attribute or difference in taste IS SIZE… That is some individuals prefer larger versus smaller breasts. The difference in size seems to be cultural, and in America regional. We know that the implant size in the north is half what implant size in the South is. That is southern women seek larger breast implants than the northern women.
Europeans seem to prefer medium to small breasts as culturally this appears to be more attractive to the European men. Breast function is obviously related to the procreation of the species or feeding. However, repeated pregnancies and
breast-feeding can alter the components of the breast and detract from their appearance. This is the issue of volume. The volume, however, does not alone determine position and shape.


There are several hundred thousand breast surgeries performed every year throughout the world. The most common is the restoration of or creation of volume  – that is implant placement. Sagging can be treated with a procedure called a lift or mastopexy. This procedure strategically removes the skin from the lower part of the breast, creating a much more compact and efficient use of the existing volume. This mastopexy with its removal of skin in a very strategic fashion as well as reducing any unwanted AREOLAR  size is an excellent procedure to create a perkier and firmer and more shapely bosom.


If after reduction of skin and the creation of a firmer more shapely breast volume is still needed this can be treated with implants  – preferably smooth silicone or fat transfer keeping in mind that the implant will provide a more permanent and reliable improvement or increase in volume compared to the fat transfer. Many of our best decisions are made based on our intuition and instinct.
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