breast revision orlando

Breast Revision Orlando

Breast Revision Orlando

Breast revision Orlando – you deserve the best! There are hundreds of thousands of breast surgeries performed in America each year.

Women desire to look and feel their best. This applies to all aspects of anatomy especially the breast.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common breast procedures performed in America. Several hundred thousand women have straightforward breast augmentation procedures.

breast revision orlandoComplications may occur including infection, extrusion of the implant. Although this is rare, but more capsular contracture which alters the appearance.

One of the most common revisions is to perform an open capsulotomy. We remove the old internal scar tissue and reposition the implant. This hopefully achieves a more lasting satisfactory appearance consistent with the woman’s vision of her best self. Health insurance does not usually cover for breast augmentation and its complications.

View our before and after gallery for breast reconstruction and revision.


The second category of breast revision may follow reconstruction after a mastectomy.
Management and treatment of the underlying disease (most likely cancer) does not deter a woman from desiring the best-looking breast possible. Therefore these techniques are somewhat more complicated.  We utilize various types of implants and surgical procedures to reconstruct the breast after cancer.


Revision of breast surgery can also take the form of a secondary procedure. This offers additional improvement for the patient that had a breast lift or reduction in the past.

Sometimes recurrence of sagging and scar widening can occur after a breast lift or reduction.  As a result the breast may sag after what appears to be a successful breast lift or reduction. We help these situations with an absorbable mesh. Hence we place this mesh under the skin along the inferior section or inferior pole of the breast. Learn more about breast revision.

This absorbable mesh may offer stimulation of patients reconstructive tissue and hopefully avoid the previously recurring sag.


Furthermore, a noninvasive red light treatment series offers additional improvement over time. Therefore this red light treatment improves the patient’s collagen forming tissue and offers additional benefits to the postoperative course. This achieves the best long-term result.

For this reason light treatments can be purchased more economically as a package.

For breast revision in Orlando, contact us today!

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