The breast implant procedure has been present since the  1960s. Therefore some 50 years later the operation has evolved into a very reliable and dependable way for women to enhance the size or volume of their breasts.  Breast implants do not change significantly the position of the  breast.  Size shape and quality of the female breast is highly desirable and draws much attention. There is no question that the majority of women feel much better about themselves when they view their breasts as an asset and not a liability. Each year there are well over 200,000 breast implant patients treated in the United States. It’s very important to understand that breast implants do one thing and one thing only and that is increase the size of the breasts. During my consultation I asked the patient to choose one of 2 words– larger or perkier.  The response I received in conjunction with the physical exam––will determine the appropriate operative procedure in order to achieve the best lookingbreasts for this patient.

The dilemma or controversy between silicone breast implants and saline breast implants has been resolved. There is no known risk of health issues with silicone breast implants. They are perfectly safe and have been back on the market for quite some time. In my opinion the only reason to have saline is because they are slightly less expensive. Silicone breast implants are made by multiple manufacturers and at the present time I use exclusively Allergan Naturelle silicone gel implants.  They are made with different base diameters and projections measured in centimeters. In my opinion a good consultation includes sizing of the patient to determine the size implant most suitable and pleasing to her. We do this with each and every breast implant augmentation patient. I have silicone breast implant size others as well as a wall chart used in conjunction to make the final determination of the exact style and size of implant best suited for that patient.

The use of fat transfer  to various parts of the body has been around for some time. It was 1st tried in the breast decades ago with no great success. The reason is that in order for tissue of any kind including the fact to survive when moved from one portion of the body to another requires a complete and total supply of nutrition and blood. This is the challenge with fact transfer to the breast. Not all of the fact will survive––I’ve seen at best 80%. This means you have no reliable dependable size increase. Also if you are relatively fixed you may not have enough harvestable fat to achieve your desired breast volume increase. In addition-there is no way to guarantee that the fat will stay exactly where it is placed.  Therefore these are in my opinion the 3 best reasons not to have fat transfer as your primary method of breast augmentation. If and when we as a profession can offer a reliable dependable and permanent volume enhancement to the breasts using transferred  fat– I will be pleased to offer it to patients. Until that time it is my opinion that silicone gel breast implants are the best option for breast enlargement—fat transfer in most instances is a waste of time and money..

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