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body liftA significant component of my practice in Orlando, Florida is body lift contouring after a massive weight loss. This is a very rewarding and fulfilling aspect of plastic surgery for me and my staff. A human being was not designed to have a body mass index (BMI) in the high 30s 40s or more. BMI is a measure of health with respect to bodyweight versus height.

This BMI has been created with a very measured and thoughtful investigation. And, it correlates well to a patient’s health. Once an individual has made the commitment to shed 100 or more pounds the skin of that particular patient usually sags in a very unpleasant and non-aesthetic fashion. Therefore the essence of surgery after massive weight loss is essentially excising in a very strategic fashion the skin around the entire body. This is done in order to create a more pleasing and streamline figure. It is done incommensurate with the individual’s new vision of themselves without all of the excess weight.

Body Lift Procedure

Skin removal and skin tightening are the essences of the body lift reconstruction. Also in the abdominal area muscle tightening is valuable as well. The first and most important area of reconstruction is the abdomen. A large lower incision which could be all the way around the body may be required in order to remove all of the excess abdominal wall skin. Also if carried posteriorly it can reduce the back skin and lift the buttocks.

Furthermore, a vertical incision of the abdominal wall may be required in order to tighten the skin around the midsection in addition to removing the hanging lower apron of excess skin. This vertical component can often be crucial and is referred to as a fleur-de-lis incision.

After a successful abdominal and possibly a circumferential reduction in excess skin, the breasts should be restructured to give a more pleasing and aesthetic upper body. Breast reduction, breast lift, or breast implant are all procedures pertinent to breast reconstruction after weight loss.

To finish off the restructured body lift after weight loss arm lifts and thigh lifts may also be required. This combination of surgical procedures after weight loss provides the finishing touch for a patient who has made a significant commitment to a lifestyle change. Needless to say, attitudes become improved, eating habits a clothing style all our significantly more attractive and appealing.

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