Benefits of a pleasing Nose

The nose is the most prominent aspect of the face and in most  instances is the first point of visual contact of the face. The eyes and the teeth are also seen early in interactions with other human beings. Animals however focus on scent before physical attributes. Of all the comparative aspects of appearance the nose offers the greatest degree of disparity. That is of all the component parts of human anatomy,  the adult nose is the most likely to “not fit.”
Yet it is the nose –as it fits with the remainder of the face –that unifies all of the other aspects of the face to produce the final product—a pleasing facial appearance which in its most
cohesive form—is beauty personified. In other words nothing creates a more displeasing face than a BIG NOSE.

The basic nasal measurements are length—width— height–and rotation. Rotation of the tip as viewed from the profile as well as the height—is the profile straight—curved or elegant. To achieve elegance a nose usually needs the intervention of an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

The main benefit of a good nose – is an attractive face.

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