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arm liftAn integral part of body contouring after pregnancies or weight loss includes the medial arm area. Usually, this area is second to the breast and abdomen. However, once the patient realizes that a full complement of body contouring procedures includes the arms, then the attention focus tends to direct there. Read on to learn about arm lift or arm liposuction procedures.

Significant improvement to the medial arm area takes place with an arm lift or brachioplasty. A brachioplasty is a surgery that reshapes the back part of the upper arm. That is from your arm to your elbow. We refer to it as an arm lift. It removes extra skin and tissue. The incision extends from the armpit almost down to the inner side of the elbow.

Arm Lift Surgery

As said previously, body contouring procedures include the removal of skin and fat. If the medial arm area has excess fat then liposuction alone may take place. This is unusual though. Skin removal is almost always necessary with weight loss. The skin elasticity of the body changes over time. Furthermore, long periods of our life when we are overweight stretch and damage the skin.

A permanent alteration occurs to the cellular structure in all these areas. More often than not a combination of procedures including skin removal and liposuction take place together. Also if a tuck and tightening of the medial arm are done, we can also address axillary fat. This fat occurs occasionally in the upper outer quadrant of the breast.

An arm lift surgery is a very useful procedure. This is if the patient can accept the incision and the permanency of a scar. If you are considering an arm lift, please take a look at our Before and After gallery. Arm lifts lend a very useful tool in increasing the attractiveness of the arm in the weight loss patient.



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