About Our Practice

Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani, M.D. Founder, and Medical Director decided to call the practice “Celebrities Choice®” Cosmetic Surgery because he firmly believes that everyone has the POWER within themselves to be a CELEBRITY—to be their absolute BEST self. “Celebrities are found in all walks of life and the one trait that they all possess is the DRIVE, PASSION, and COMMITMENT to look and be their BEST.”

REAL LIFE REQUIRES REAL CHOICES. By deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery, you’ve already made a very important and exciting CHOICE – to discover a new, improved you. You’ve also made another significant CHOICE by selecting Celebrities Choice® Cosmetic Surgery—with highly experienced, board-certified surgeons – to perform your surgery.

TOGETHER, you’ll work in partnership with the nations leading experts and decide how to enhance your looks—whether you want to improve your figure, reshape your nose, enlarge, reduce, or lift your breasts, or considerably erase the signs of aging.

WITH OVER 10,000 SUCCESSFUL SURGERIES, The Surgeons at Celebrities Choice® Cosmetic Surgery have all the CREDENTIALS, CONFIDENCE, AND PURE PASSION to serve you. Helping our patients ACHIEVE “Their Best Look,” is our primary goal. “It takes IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY, coupled with SUPERIOR SKILLS and YEARS OF EXPERIENCE to be an extraordinary plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Tom Trevisani. “One must be able to imagine their PERSONALIZED desired final look and to make the appropriate changes to achieve that goal. Within the realm of plastic surgery, we are strongly committed to helping our patients achieve their goals.”

KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE—Throughout the process Dr. Tom Trevisani, fellow surgeons, The Patient Alumni, and our warm caring staff let you know you are among friends. We understand that deciding to have cosmetic surgery is a big step towards becoming your BEST. We want you to feel COMFORTABLE to ask questions so you fully understand your procedure.

Before your surgery, The Surgical Team will meet with you, THOROUGHLY discuss your surgery, and most important, get to know you PERSONALLY and your desired expectations. OUR FRIENDLY, educated, supportive, and unhurried environment is designed to ease any uncertainties or anxieties you may have about undergoing ANY surgical procedure. The goal is that you approach your procedure feeling CALM, CONFIDENT, and KNOWING that you are in the hands of highly skilled surgeons and an experienced support team that you TRUST and RESPECT.

Our EXPERTS know that looking your BEST and feeling your BEST, will give you a sense of SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM so you can truly become your VERY BEST

About Our Practice

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