silk-logoInjections to fill out wrinkles and to firm and plump up areas of the face including the lips have been available for some time now. There are several companies that make these products for board-certified physicians to inject when appropriate. One of these products is Restylane Silk… this is the trade name and the chemical composition is hyaluronic acid. There are other trade named products with similar if not identical chemical composition. Juvederm and its derivative products is another companies trade name for a similar type product. This silk designation is useful because it conjures up a smooth and flowing clear gel that can be used in the lips to smooth out wrinkles on the red portion of the lips as well as add to the volume giving fuller more appealing lips..

In addition this product can be used for vertical lines around the mouth. Smaller amounts can be used since it will attract surrounding fluid which will assist in its mechanism of action and achievement of desirable goals of increased fullness..

The procedure can be performed in a very short period of time in the office after applying a specially compounded local anesthetic to decrease the injection discomfort. Immediately following the procedure the application of ice compresses, continued elevation, minimal eating and talking will help reduce or minimize the postoperative swelling. The swelling may last for 24 to 48 hours but then will subside and then resemble the immediate post-procedure result that is used to gauge the final outcome. Fillers and this product in particular are excellent adjuncts to the treatment program of the Aesthetic Surgeon/Physician.. It’s important to remember that these types of fillers are essentially just that––adjuncts to an overall program of antiaging and maintenance of your best possible and most glamorous appearance. Also, the great benefit of this type of filler, that is hyaluronic acid–is that it is immediately reversible with an antidote..-should that be necessary…


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