Closed Rhinoplasty Technique

Before you decide on your Rhinoplasty
Primary or Revision

Be aware of the fact that these procedures can be performed through the closed or internal incision technique.


This technique will create, in the right hands, the most refined and elegant result without a scar across the columella that tissue which separates the nostrils.

Rhinoplasty is the
most challenging operation that
Plastic Surgeons perform.

It requires a level of knowledge, experience, skill, training and talent that not all Plastic Surgeons possess. For the patient to request or believe that "only a little work" needs to be done, is a mistake.. Patients must accept the level of detail required to achieve the best result.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD

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Chasing deeply discounted
Plastic Surgery
especially Rhinoplasty is a MISTAKE.

Instead of shopping for price look for a very impressive body of work viewable in the before and after gallery of the Surgeon, as well a personal consultation with the Expert Surgeon.

The only way to receive a final estimate of cost is to have a compete consultation with the Surgeon.

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