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Dr. Thomas Trevisani, an Award-Winning Rhinoplasty Surgeon located in Florida.


In response to his lectures and publications, Dr. Trevisani has been the recipient of the Physician’s Recognition Award for Continuing Medical Education by the American Medical Association. Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani’s private practice has been successfully performing Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Orlando area since 1981. Dr. Thomas P. Trevisani is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the country.

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Our Rhinoplasty Procedures

Your nose is placed in the center of your face, and it is one of the first things people notice about you. If you’re not happy with the appearance of it, whether you think it’s too big, or too small – we can help. Whatever your concern, Dr. Trevisani at Celebrities Choice Cosmetic Surgery in Orlando, Florida can help you put your best face forward. Learn more about our procedures.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty is very rewarding when the patient achieves their first goals and are very happy with the look of their nose. An aesthetic nose on any particular individual has very specific characteristics within a very small range. Each measurement and the associated thorough discussion with the patient moves us closer to achieving the best aesthetic result.

Revisional Rhinoplasty

Are you unhappy with your previous nose surgery? Most revisions are requested when some aspect of the initial procedure falls short or some unexpected complication occurs. Dr. Tomas Trevisani emphasizes how essential it is for the rhinoplasty patient to choose the right surgeon. "Choosing the right surgeon and establishing a clear vision for the patient is of the utmost importance." Dr. Tom Trevisani.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a variation on traditional Rhinoplasty. Shape, nasal cartilage and skin thickness vary between individuals and ethnicities. And often with the goal of improving their appearance of the nose and preserving certain features of individual's heritage.  Dr. Trevisani a world-renown expert is diverse in performing Rhinoplasty of various ethnic backgrounds. 

Dr. Thomas Trevisani, MD

Performs All Procedures Through A Closed Rhinoplasty Techniques.

Closed Rhinoplasty, also referred to as Endonasal Rhinoplasty, is performed by making all main incisions are hidden inside. Even the most challenging revision procedures can be done through the closed rhinoplasty technique by Dr. Trevisani.

Before & After Nose Gallery

Primary Rhinoplasty

View Gallery Here

Revisional Rhinoplasty

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty Videos

Watch Our Rhinoplasty Informational Videos From Dr. Tomas Trevisani and our Patients. 

What Do Our Patients Say?

Read reviews below from our Realself profile.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty Patient (2 months post surgery)

Thank you so much Dr. Trevisani! You made dreams come true and I would not have chosen any other surgeon. You exceeded my expectations, gave me the exact result I wanted, and an easy recovery process. He made the whole process for me very comforting and easy. I highly recommend Dr. Trevisani for any of y9our surgical needs, he is experienced and defiantly knows what he is doing.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty Patient (1 months post surgery)

I could not have asked for a more positive experience through out the entire process of my Rhinoplasty. Dr. Trevisani knew exactly what I wanted changed about my nose the minute I walked into the consultation and was so through in what he was going to do on surgery day. I always felt extremely comfortable with Dr. T and his amazing team, even through the though of surgery made me nervous. All I can say is I have absolutely NO regrets! I truly think he's the best in the business and would recommend him to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery.


Primary Rhinoplasty (3 weeks post surgery)

For years I felt dissatisfied with the way my nose looked. After my surgery, my confidence skyrocketed, the difference is astounding. My face looks so much more feminine and delicate. I'm absolutely obsessed with my side profile.



Primary Rhinoplasty Patient (3 weeks post surgery)

Dr. T and his staff were professional but also approachable by the way they kept everything real with me. That made me trust when suggestions were thrown my way on the best route towards getting the nose that best fit for my face. Had sculpted the tip, cut nostrils to be smaller and fit new tip shape. No regrets thus far, light bruising under eye and on nose, bridge of the nose is bit swollen.



Here at Celebrities Choice® Cosmetic Surgery in Orlando, Florida, it is our goal to ensure optimal results for all plastic surgery procedures. Contact our Central Florida office today to get information on all the procedures we offer.

Out Of Town Patients are Welcome.

Primary Rhinoplasty Gallery

Rhinoplasty Closed Technique

This patient had reduction Rhinoplasty & tip refinement (6 months post operation).

Rhinoplasty Closed Technique

This patient had reduction Rhinoplasty & tip refinement/ rotation (4 months post operation).

Rhinoplasty Closed Technique

This patient had reduction Rhinoplasty & tip refinement / rotation (6 months post operation).

Revisional Rhinoplasty Gallery

Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty

This patient had a third revision reduction/Augmentation Rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting and with nostril adjustment (6 months post operation)

Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty

This patient had a second revision Rhinoplasty (1 month post operation)

Procedure: Revision Rhinoplasty

This patient had a second revision reduction/Augmentation Rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting (1 month post operation)

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Gallery

Procedure: Ethnic Rhinoplasty

This patient had reduction Rhinoplasty, tip refinement/ slight rotation & nostril adjustment (3 months post operation).

Procedure: Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Reduction Rhinoplasty, with Nostril Adjustment and Tip Refinement (6 month post operation)

Procedure: Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Reduction Rhinoplasty, Tip Rotation, Nostril Adjustment (6 month post operation)

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